Star-Crossed Skyway is one of the boards in Mario Party: Island Tour. It is the board most similar to Mario Party 9 with the goal being to earn the most Mini Stars and avoid the Mini Ztars.


The board is divided into 4 sections called Star Stages. Players race to get to the end of each one. After all but one player reaches the end of the Star Stage, Lakitu will take the remaining player to the next stage receiving the last place reward. Generally, the Star Stages are set up so the first player gets the most Mini Stars with the last getting the least or Mini Ztars. However, the scramble spaces can switch up the order of who gives what.

Star Stage Mini Stars

  • Flutter - 10 Mini Stars
  • Koopa Paratroopa - 7 Mini Stars
  • Paragoomba - 5 Mini Stars
  • Swooper - 2 Mini Stars
  • Bony Beetle - 2 Mini Ztars
  • Bone Goomba - 5 Mini Ztars
  • Big Dry Bones - 7 Mini Ztars

Minigames Bonuses

After each minigame, the first player will get 3 Mini Stars, second will get 2 Mini Stars and the the third will get 1 Mini Stars. This is doubled in the final Star Stage.

Board Elements

The 4 star stages are generally straight forward though they get longer each time. The first Star Stage is a short path of 7 spaces but, each Star Stage after that has a split path with one side being one space short than the other with the longer path generally having more events.


  • At the end of the board, when the total amount of Mini Stars are rallied up for each player, if a player has a negative score, Mini Ztars are taken away from the player instead of granting Mini Stars.
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