Stannif is an older Indoline that serves as one of the antagonists of the Torna ~ The Golden Country expansion of Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Stannif is the scientist working on the shady experiments of the Indoline Praetorium during the Aegis War. At that time he was working for Praetor Rhadallis, but was actually plotting with Amalthus to organize his rise to power.



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Stannif is an older Indoline who served as a scientist working for Praetor Rhadallis prior too the Aegis War. He had access to the Praetorium's secret technology including technology that was salvaged from the recent ruins of the Judician civilization, and even technology from the Land of Morytha. This gave Stannif a greater understanding of the nature of the world than most inhabitants of Alrest. He was notably aware of the existance of DNA and how similar the DNA of most human-like subspecies, Blades, and Titans were. This gave him the idea to start experimenting with DNA manipulation.

Teaming with Amalthus

Stannif shows DNA to Amalthus.

Stannif is first seen walking down a corridor going to his lab with Quaestor Amalthus. He tells him that Magister Baltrich won't let go of his grudge against Amalthus and that the Quaestor is in a delicate situation now that Malos, his Blade, has started to ravaging Alrest. He informs him that he can't hope to hide behind the Praetor forever. The two enter a room where Stannif shows Amalthus the scraps of advanced technology in his possession. He then shows him his discoveries on DNA and tell him that this similarity basically proves that Blades evolved from humanity like the Indoline religion states. Stannif also tells him that he discovered that Core Crystals contain information on all life and that this turns Blades into Titans after enough is gathered. Stannif then propose to use this knowledge to help Amalthus with his goals.

Creating the first Blade Eater

Stannif is then seen in Gormott for a routine Core Crystal collection to fuel his experiments with a group of Indoline monks. There he stumbles upon Gort who had been fleeing from Torigoth after his defeat at the hands of Jin. Stannif caputres the weakened Gort and bring him back to his lab. There Amalthus recognize him as one of the bandits he hires to find Core Crystals for him. After Amalthus expresses how much Gort disgust him, Stannif propose to use him to work on the first prototype of a Blade Eater. Amalthus agrees after Stannif tells him that even if Gort would go rogue, he would quickly die from the result of an imperfect binding. Amalthus then leaves Stannif to his experiments and goes to the Kingdom of Torna to prepare for his ascenssion.


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Stannif is last seen during Amalthus' ascenssion to power where he is senn walking behind Amalthus with Prince Zettar soon after the fall of Torna. Amalthus assassinates Rhadallis and Baltrich soon after and becomes Praetor. He uses his newfound position to develop Stannif's work and eventually perfect the Blade Eater technology, which Amalthus uses on himself to greatly increase his life span and power. This knowledge of the nature of DNA is also what allows Amalthus to collect information from Core Crystals and prevent Blades to ever become Titans, which results in the near death states of Alrest 500 years later. It is assumed that Stannif may have died during those 500 years as he was already pretty old for an Indoline even before the Aegis war.