Stadium Events/World Class Track Meet is a game for the Nintendo Entertainment System released in 1986.


The game is an Olympic style title with plenty of specific events such as the 100 meter dash, the long jump, and so on. The characters in the game have different stats, and each one is named after a particular animal. The name is depended on how fast they are able to go, such as the slowest being called "turtle".

The games found include:

  • 100 meter dash
  • 110 meter hurdles
  • Long Jump
  • Triple Jump
  • Olympics
  • Tournament


As aforementioned, you'll have to race against characters in the game that are named after particular animals. The name of the animal will help you determine how fast they will be. For example, if you're going to race against someone named "turtle", then it should be conclusive that the boss is slow and thus easy to defeat. The bosses are Turtle, Bear, Horse, Rabbit, Bobcat, and Cheetah.

World Class Track Meet

World Class Track Meet is a video game released on the NES that made use of the Power Pad. It was available for purchase alone or with a 3-in-1 package that also included Super Mario Bros. and Duck Hunt.

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