Sprixies are fairy-like creatures that first appeared in Super Mario 3D World. They are the native residents to the Sprixie Kingdom, ruled by the seven Sprixie Princesses. The name Sprixie is a portmanteau of "sprite" and "pixie," which are considered synonymous with "fairy." They bear some resemblance to the Subcons from Yume Kōjō: Doki Doki Panic/Super Mario Bros. 2, as well as Jojora from Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. They live on another planet. Their gender ratio is unknown.

Sprixies appear in various levels and areas of each world, providing assistance to Mario and co. throughout the game. In certain areas, some appear with a pair of binoculars which (when viewed) shows the direction of the Goal Pole, similar to Binoculars in Super Mario 3D Land.

They also own and host the stamp-providing Sprixie Houses, the Mystery Houses, and the Lucky Houses.


Sprixies are rather small, no bigger than Mario and his friends are. Their back has wings that allow them to fly. Their eyes are all black ovals that have white pupils that can easily be mistaken for the glare of a light (i.e. the Sun).

Names In Other Languages

Language Name Notes Etymology
Japanese Yōsei (fairy) From Japanese Yōsei (fairy).
Spanish El Hada

Genitive: Lois/Les Hades

The name Hada is not necessarily masculine. The Feminine La becomes El before nouns that start with a stressed A, not counting the Hache (H). Certain countries in Latin America use the term El/La Hadina, which has the genitive Hadines, for Sprixie to avoid confusion. From La Fada (fairy). La Hadina may have come from the term Fada Madrina (fairy godmother) and the Spanish name El Hada.
Portuguese O/A Anafada

Genitive: Lois/Les Anafades

From the verb Anafar (to fatten, to chub out) and the noun A Fada (fairy)
Italian La Fata Italian La Fata
French La Libella From La Libellue (dragonfly)


  • Sprixies are very similar to the Fairies from Kirby 64, except they have less colour variation and appear to have no legs.
    • Regarding the point, it is not known why Sprixies have no legs. Looking up into their dress will reveal only a black void where their lower body should be.
  • The green one, who is playable in Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash, is called "Sprixie Princess" in the game.
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