Springtron is a fighter in ARMS. He was introduced as a secret boss, fought immediately before Max Brass, but was added as a fighter as a part of the 4.1 Update on November 30. He has the same ARMS and stats as Spring Man, but his shockwaves will disable arms instead of just deflecting.

To encounter him, the player must play through Grand Prix on at least Level 4 or higher without losing a single round.

Appearance and Personality

Springtron's dominant color scheme is grey, black, and cherry red. His hair is in the same shape as Springman's, save for the untapered end and faceted shape. Springtron's sclera are black, and his iris color is neon blue.

His mask appears to cover his entire face, but he has another on top with a hole on the lower center and three open slots on each side, along with three indents on the front.

His 'skin', hair and frontal area of his shirt are all dark grey but appear to have a silvery/iridescent shimmer on top. His ARMS have a stripe of red running through.

His alts are green with purple eyes (right), yellow (down), and purple (left).


Springtron shares Spring Man's ARMs including all the unlocked ARMs. His special ability is a shockwave he can send out over a distance which disables fighters' ARMs.

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