Spot is a mottle slime and possible party member from Dragon Quest VI.


Spot is first found at Castle Graceskull. When spoken to, he will beg to join the party (he seems to be afraid of something).


Base Stats


Spot learns several abilities on his own, regardless of vocation.

Level Ability MP Cost Effect
3 Tongue Lashing 0 The user licks the target, which may cause the enemy to miss their next turn.
9 Follow Suit 0 The user performs the last attack used in battle.
11 Whistle 0 Summons a monster in the field.
13 Dig 0 Digs up treasure in the field.
15 Nap 0 The user falls asleep to restore HP and MP.
16 Double Up 0 The user ditches their defense to deliver a blow of double power.


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