The Spornet is a member of the Fuzzbuzz Family. It is a small flying insectoid-like creature with a huge fluffy abdomen.


They will normally fly in a set path until they spot Captain Olimar or the Pikmin, they will then deviate and fly above the group while leting purple-colored fuzzballs fall from its abdomen. If the Pikmin come in contact with the fuzzballs, they will die instantly. The Spornet is easy to deal with, however, as it can be killed by a single Pikmin throw but its flying height and periodic release of poisonous fuzzballs can be a problem when aiming.



Hey! Pikmin logs

"Not many bees prefer isolation, but this one does. It wards off intruders by dropping toxic puffballs on them. I admire its independent spirit, but there must be an easier way to live."

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