Spitball Sparky is a Super Color Game & Watch game released in 1984 by Nintendo. The game's model number was BU-201, and the contents within the box included the game, LR44 batteries, a caution leaflet, a how to play leaflet, and battery stickers. The game is very similar to the arcade classic Arcanoid and has colors due to the layers of colored plastic overlay. Your goal is to spit on the ball so that it'll go back up and destroy the blocks at the top. The unit was rectangular and silver. When Nintendo of America released the game in America, they made artwork for the game that had a more detailed character.

Interestingly when Nintendo was manufacturing the game, a few of the units came out white instead of the regular silver color. Nintendo didn't notice the mistake and released the game. Today the white version of Spitball Sparky is extremely rare and is a collector's item. In the May of 1984 issue of German magazine Telematch, there was information contained within regarding Spitball Sparky, one of the few if not only appearance of the game in print.

In Game & Watch Gallery 3 for the Game Boy Color, Spitball Sparky was included. It is unlocked by getting 40 Stars.

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