Spinies are creatures in the Mario series. They first appeared in the Nintendo Entertainment System classic Super Mario Bros., where Lakitus (whom have an unlimited supply of them) would aim and throw them from above toward Mario or Luigi (depending on who the player was). If he failed to do so, the Spiny would come out of his shell and try to harm one of the characters. You can not jump on top of these creatures, because as the name suggests, they have spikes on top of their shell. The only way to beat these pesky monsters is by using an item, such as a Fire Flower a Starman. Also, if you can reach Lakitu, kill him before he has a chance to throw the spiny eggs.

Mario Bros.

In all of the re-releases of the arcade classic Mario Bros., Spinies have replaced Shellcreepers as enemies, though overall they perform the same maneuvers.

The undefeatable Spinies

In the Nintendo 64 video game Super Mario 64, Spines would (very rarely) appear on Tiny-Huge Island and Rainbow Ride. In these stages, they would, like before, be thrown by Lakitus, however, this time there would be no way to defeat a Spiny at all. This was the only game in which you could not defeat a Spiny.

The only way to defeat them is to punch them to the water or kill it with a Koopa Shell in Tiny-Huge Island. In Rainbow Ride, punch it off a platform.

Doing so will not produce a reward.

Paper Mario series

Spinies have also appeared in the Paper Mario series. Unlike a Lava Bubble, Mario cannot jump on it unless he has equipped the Spike Shield. Spinies are found only in Flower Fields.

Spinies also appear in Glitzville in Paper Mario 2. Like the original counterparts, they can only be jumped on if Mario is equipped with the Spike Shield.


Their appearance actually hasn't changed much over the years. They seem to look the same as they did over twenty years ago, while most other enemies' (most notably Koopa Troopas and Bowser) appearances has changed dramatically.

Other Varieties of Spinies

  • Sad Spiny - This Spiny walks back and forth, but in a faster speed.
  • Sky Blue Spiny - This Spiny has the same attack in Paper Mario 2. They have higher health.

Similar enemies

Some enemies have the same movements of the Spinies:

  • Buzzy Beetle
  • Spiketop
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