Spindrifts are flower creatures that can be found in Super Mario 64 (including the DS remake). They tend to be found in colder climates.

Spindrifts have rotating flowers on their heads, allowing them to hover. Their "torso" is merely a limbless cone beneath their heads, though two flower-like "arms" protrude from the mass. Spindrifts also have a green leaf-like cape topping their cone. Their head is a white sphere that has small black vertical oval-shaped eyes, though in the DS version the Spindrifts have a peach-yellow head colour and their flower is somewhat bigger. Mario will automatically spin jump if he stomps on their heads, at which point they launch three coins. Mario can use this to cross gaps on his way through the courses the Spindrifts appear in.

In Snowman's Land, Spindrifts make their home inside a small Igloo that is the main focus of the course Into the Igloo.

Spindrifts are meant to be allies, so destroying one is impossible.

Names in Other Languages

  • Japanese: Fuwafuwa-san (Mr. Fluffy. Fuwafuwa means "fluffy".)
  • Español: El/La Florcabeza (Flower Head. From La Flor "flower" and La Cabeza "head". First declension; genitive singular Lois/Les Florcabeces, dative singular Loy/Le Florcabece, accusative singular Lo(m)/La(m) Florcabéza(m), ablative singular Lod/Lad Forcabézad, Plural Los/Las Florcabezas, Genitive Plural Loro/Laro Florcabezaro, dative/ablative plural Loyes/Labus Florcabezabus)
  • French: Le/La Spindrift
  • Italian: Il/La Fiorcápo (Flower Head. From Il Fióre (flower) and Il Cápo (head). Second declension; genitive singular Lóis/Lés Fiorcápis, dative singular Lói/Lái Fiorcápoi, accusative singular Lom/Lam Fiorcápom, ablative singular Lode/Lade Fiorcápod, Plural I/Le Fiorcápi, genitive plural Loro/Laro Fiorcapóro, dative/ablative plural Glis/Labus Fiorcápis, accusative plural Los/Las Fiorcápos


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