Spike Tops are enemies from the overly popular Mario series. They first appeared in the Super Nintendo Entertainment System video game Super Mario World, where they would crawl on undergound ceilings and walls. They are pretty much Buzzy Beetles with spikes on their head, which obviously indicates that Mario or Luigi can't jump on top of them, and spin jumps do no damage. They cannot be injured by fire attacks either making them one of the game's tougher enemies, and can only be defeated with the use of a shell, star, cape or Yoshi.

Spike Tops have appeared in every single Paper Mario video game to date, which includes Paper Mario (Nintendo 64), Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door (Nintendo GameCube), and Super Paper Mario (Wii). In the original Paper Mario Spike Tops had red shells, though in the other two games they had blue shells (interestingly the blue shelled Spike Tops from Paper Mario 2 had one extra HP than the red shelled Spike Tops from Paper Mario).

Spike Tops later appeared in Super Princess Peach and then in New Super Mario Bros. (both on the Nintendo DS), where they would perform the same attacks that they did in Super Mario World.

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