Spike(JP) is an enemy in the Mario series. His first appearance was in Super Mario Bros. 3 where he appeared on ice stages. His only attack is to pull a giant spiked ball out of his mouth, and then throw or toss it at you. He would later appear in Yoshi's Island, only found in a single snowy stage, and in Yoshi's Story for the Nintendo 64, where he appeared on the jungle stage, doing the exact same thing as he did in Super Mario Bros 3.

Much later, a variety of Spikes appeared in the game New Super Mario Bros. for the Nintendo DS called Snow Spike. In the game, the Snow Spike will, like a regular Spike, throw his projectile at Mario, but instead of a spike ball, he tosses a snowball which will gradually increase in size as it rolls. The original Spikes would also return in Super Princess Peach and later also in New Super Mario Bros. Wii. In Super Princess Peach, there is a variety called Mad Spike, which acts like the original Spike, but can throw an iron ball at Princess Peach.

Spike marked his first playable appearance in the 2015 game Mario Party 10. He would not be playable again until Mario Tennis Aces



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