Spectrobes is a video game for the Nintendo DS. It is noted as being the first video game made by Disney Interactive Studios not based on an already developed franchise.


The protagonists of Spectrobes are a Planetary Patrol Officer named Rallen, and the intelligent Jeena. Once the two of you arrive at your destination after you receive a distress call, Jeena goes off exploring, leaving Rallen by himself. Rallen will then encounter some enemies called the Krawl, leaving you to fight them. Once you start, two Spectrobes come to the rescue and defeat the pack of Krawl. Once this happens, Jeena will call you to show Rallen a man frozen. It then reveals that this is where the distress call came from. Once he gets unfrozen, he will reveal his name (Aldus) and that he is an expert on Spectrobes. He then explains that the only way to destroy the Krawl is to use the Spectorbes.

The Spectrobes

The Spectrobes are one of the game mechanics that make this game shine. There are over 50 of these creatures that will be able to come to your aid throughout the game. They, much like dinosaurs on earth, are creatures that used to be extinct. Once you learn how, you will be able to bring these creatures alive to fight the evil Krawl.


Spectrobes is an action-rpg where your raise Spectrobes (mentioned above) and fight the Krawl with them. According to Disney, the game will take about fiffteen or twenty hours to complete. Disney has also revelaed that there will be plenty of replayability after you complete the game. On the top screen, there is a map that will help to find battles. Of course, you are also able to avoid these battles if you wish as well. Once you go into battle, you are only able to use two Spectrobes at a time, and of course Rallen will be in the battle as well.

Spectrobes cards

One of the more unique things about the game (including the Spectrobes themselves) are the cards that come with the game. Once you get the game, you will also get four of these cards. Once you unlock the ability, you can place these cards on the touchscreen, and touch the points on the card to acquire rare Spectrobes. Though you only get four cards, more will be available for free.

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