Formerly a thief and adventurer named Donovan, Specter Knight is one of eight Knights of "The Order of No Quarter" who serves The Enchantress and keeps watch over his lair, The Lich Yard.

Specter Knight also serves as the protagonist of the Specter of Torment campaign, the official prequel to Shovel of Hope.


Specter Knight is a thoroughly cruel Knight, showing sheer coldness towards his enemies, as well somewhat sarcastic.

When about to face Shovel Knight, he taunts him with the memory of Shield Knight by insisting she is dead. Whilst many of his comrades acknowledge Shovel Knight's strength to some extent after the Battle Royale, Specter Knight instead affirms his faith in The Enchantress and assures Shovel Knight that he cannot succeed. He may do this because he fears what may happen to him should The Enchantress die, as her powers are what keeps him "alive".

Before battling Plague Knight, he is quick to mock him for his cowardice, being the only one able to reduce Plague Knight to stunned silence.

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