Special Tee Shot is a game that was planned to be released on the SNES, though eventually was just made exclusively for the Super Famicom's Satellaview service. The game was later retooled and made into the game that is known as Kirby's Dream Course. It is unknown why the game was remade to feature Kirby characters, though it's presumed that it as because Nintendo thought that the game would prove more successful with a well known brand behind it.

The Satellaview video game had unique characters rather than already developed ones. Overall, however, the player character was uninspiring as it was simply just a red sphere that bounced around. Despite the fact that the game would be remade to feature Kirby characters, there are dramatic differences between the two titles, including the overall gameplay concept and levels. For example, in this game, the goal was simply to shoot the ball in the hole, while in the Kirby game you want to crash into enemies to destroy them. However, despite this, the games still share many similarities, such as graphics and the overall way the player controls the ball.

Interestingly, Special Tee Shot was featured not only in magazines but also on the back of SNES packages as advertisements before ultimately being cancelled and brought back with Kirby characters. It should also be noted that before being titled Kirby's Dream Course, the game was officially called Kirby's Tee Shot.

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