Spade​ is a playable racer from the F-ZERO series.


A circus performer and a highly skilled magician, Spade is an unusual man who has devoted his life to the entertainment of others. It's unknown if he's human or not, as he claims that at birth he was put inside a globe (which might explain the spinning orb in place of his abdomen). No one knows what he looks like, not even his colleagues at the circus he works at. 

When the circus fell into financial difficulty, he joined the F-Zero races to use the prize money to save his circus (but not before tripling the results in his own way). However his driving style is rather unusual and he's been known to pull off amazing techniques, though most considered extremely risky. Even more curious is how fickle in races he is, as he will often not take the race seriously or simply drop out. Because of this, he's yet to develop a very good name for himself.

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