Space Station Silicon Valley is a 1998 Nintendo 64 game which was released in October 1998. The game features many robotic animals and when Dan, Evo or the Newsflash reporter speak, you can't understand them, but you can read their bubble


Players assume the role of Evo, a super robot who is the main protagonist. Evo can't attack at all. When they press the R button, Evo will jump on a dead animal. Some animals have tough defense and tough offense. When they are in an animal, they can attack (some cannot attack, like the Sheep and Cool Cod) by pressing the A or B buttons. However, animals can swim in water, (some animals will get killed by water, like Racing Mice, Bears, Ski Huskies, Armed Desert Foxes, Chameleons, and Desert Foxes) but they cannot jump. There are 15 Power Cells to collect. 390 Power Cells turns Evo gold.

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