Not to be confused with Space Pirates

The Space Pirates are an organization in the Metroid series of games, and have been seen or mentioned in every Metroid game to date, where they play the role as the main antagonists to both Samus Aran and, considerably more so the Galactic Federation. The organization consists of aliens that have a lust for power over the galaxy that the games are featured in, and seek to destroy the ones currently in power - the Federation.

On multiple occasions the pirates have attacked their enemies, though as of yet the federation seems to be victorious, though not without paying a price - Seemingly thousands of Galactic Federation marines, scientists, and so on have died at the hands of the Space Pirates.


Their goal is to take over the galaxy, or at least be the imperious authority over it, and as stated, the only ones in their way is the Federation and Samus Aran, who have foiled their plans on multiple occasions.

Important members

The Space Pirates have some of the most powerful warriors in any organization, consisting of fearsome beasts and mighty knights who will stop at nothing to bring their enemies down. Important members include Ridley, Weavel, Mother Brain, and so on.

Changes during prime series

  • The Space Pirates have been recognized in 3 different REGULAR STANDARD skins. The FIRST Space Pirate skin in the prime series is almost like an mutated humanoid trained in combat with cybernetic armor and that can be clearly seen in the "Metroid Prime"
  • In Metroid Prime 2 Echoes the skin of the standard Space Pirate turns out to look really like that it is its naked body but it actually is upgraded armor BUT this standard form is the most closest one to the first 3 metroid games "Metroid, Metroid2 the return of Samus and Super Metroid were all the 4 skins of metroid prime 2 and these 3 games are the same skin of the form of a giant mantis.
  • The Space Pirates in Metroid Prime 3 is the most baddest of all as many people say it on the sites. It looks really Like a humanoid but It turns out to be a muscle complex with a skull head on it these kind of pirates also don't even sound like the other Prime series Pirates.
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