Space Launcher is an arcade video game by Nintendo that was surprisingly original (many of the games Nintendo made during the late '70s were clones of popular titles like Pong, Space Invaders and Breakout). The game is similar to Frogger, though is not a clone since it predates it by at least two years. The game takes place in space, and your goal is to maneuver around space objects and dodge oncoming enemy fire from the aliens that are stationed above. There are also treasures at the top, and your goal is to fly up, grab the treasure, and come soaring back down after which you must repeat it until all of the treasures have been scavenged.

The game's poster seems to be inspired slightly by the Star Wars films, which were very successful at the time of this game's release. Even the yellow font of this game's logo could be said to be based on Star Wars' logo.

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