Space Land is a space-themed board from Mario Party 2. In Space Land players are dressed as astronauts, and are members of the Space Patrol. The board reappears in Mario Party Superstars.

Board Elements

The player can cut across the board but, if they do, the Bowser junction in the center goes down each time a person passes over. It starts at 5 and when it hits 0, Bowser launches a beam from the top right to the bottom left.

Happening Spaces

The Happening spaces make a Thwomp or Whomp in a space cruiser chase the player down the green paths. Players can pay the Snifit Patrol 5 coins to lay a Speed Trap. If a play lands on a Happening Space, the Snifit on patrol chases the speeder across the top or bottom of the board additionally.

Board Minigames

The Item Minigame is Hammer Slammer. The player mashes A to raise the hammer and hit B to drop the hammer to bring the pointer to the desired item. Too hard usually picks the Baby Bowser item which results in getting nothing. There is however a chance to still get an item when hitting too hard.

The Duel Minigame is Time Bomb. The players have to hit it closest to what time the Goomba says. It doesn't matter if it goes over or under the time limit. If no one acts or if both times are the same, the bomb fails to explode and a Draw is declared