Space Invaders Virtual Collection
Developer(s) Taito
Publisher(s) Taito
Platform(s) Virtual Boy platform icon
Genre(s) Shooter
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Space Invaders Virtual Collection is a Virtual Boy version of the ultra popular Space Invaders. The game tries to incorporate the principal mechanic of the Virtual Boy (3D effects) into the game by making it seem as if the invaders are heading straight toward the player, albeit the effort was ill-conceived. Some argue, however, that it is actually easier to shoot the oncoming opposition this way than the other. The classic 2D version is also featured, though due to the Virtual Boy's graphical limitations (which is regrettable to say in regards to a remake of a pioneering video game) the game is represented in only red and black colors.

Also included in the game is a sort of sequel to the original Space Invaders, though the enhancements make it more of just a remake then an all-out sequel. The new features include saucers that bring in new invaders, blinking saucers that can only be destroyed when it's not blinking, invaders that split in two when shot at, and barriers with the level's number on them.