Space Hunter Drake Redcrest is a character in the Nintendo GameCube video game Chibi-Robo. He is a 35 centimeter high action figure that will befriend the protagonist of the aforementioned video game. He is designed to look like a popular character in a TV show in the game universe. He is based on various Tatsunoko anime characters from the 70's, as the Sanderson house hold is some what based off the 1960s/70's era. His helmet is based off the Gatchaman series, and his uniform and theme is based on that of Tekkaman. His posing on the other hand reflects onto the anime Hurricane Pollymer. At the same time, while he represents many of these Tatsunoko figures, he also represents the early super sentai characters of the 70s ( example: his red uniform and yellow V are from the 70s hero, Goranger red ). Not only does he get his looks from super sentai, but also his posing and actions. His signature pose and colored smoke blast are also a reference to many of the intros of sentai groups from the 80s and the 70s. Usually, in such intros, the heroes pose at the end with a colored blast appearing behind them (along with a giant mecha, but of course, redcrest doesn't have such a thing). The color would usually match thhe color of their uniform, but drake's smoke is orange (both in the U.S. versions and Japanese versions). He of course also has his own "super move" freezing blizzard which was used at the alien scene. Like all super sentai heroes, he also has his own unique vehicle (his UFO, shown in captain rainbow) with apparently, some sort of form of A.I. (this is only shown when you get drake out of the sand and repair his ship).

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