Space Float is one of the thirty ship parts in Pikmin for the Nintendo GameCube. This is one of the five ship parts not needed to leave the Distant Planet. This ship part is found in The Forest Navel. This is found inside the breadbug, it ate the ship part. When you defeat it, it will give you the ship part it ate. The easiest way to kill the breadbug is to leave a one pellet on the ground. Then when the breadbug starts to get it, tell two Pikmin to carry it, this will drag the breadbug to the onion. The item will be sucked up, the breadbug will hit it's head on top of the onion and get killed.


Discovery Notes

"Thank goodness! My spacefloat!"

Ship Log

"This float is an absolute necessity for any pilot who lacks skill at swimming in space. An excellent swimmer like me has no need for something like this, but my motto is "always be prepared. Really. It is just for emergencies."

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