Space Fever is a Nintendo developed video game in the same vein of Space Invaders in regards to gameplay mechanics and the overall concept. Its a blatant ripoff released in 1979 for arcades that had various different versions, including one that was in color (the original wasn't).


The game is nearly identical to Space Invaders. In Space Fever, aliens of different designs (and different colors in the colored version) start to come closer and closer to Earth. Every once and awhile a UFO will pass above, just as they did in Space Invaders. Four blocks guard you from the alien invaders, and it's best if you use your tank to shoot a gap in the blocks and shoot the aliens from there, though if you wish you can do so by other, more apparent means.

The basic game had a few minor differences with Space Invaders, such as brief musical interludes playing whenever the player lost a life, when the UFO appeared, a constant tune during the invaders "march" (rather than with the original where the invaders made a sound with each move they made) and a "game over" piece as well.

The invaders were also very large, and if the player didn't hit one straight up the middle, it would split into two smaller invaders.

Also, when the UFO was shot, it would turn into a smaller, faster moving vehicle, which would earn the player a 500 point bonus if that was shot in turn.

Game variances

The game has three versions, each featuring different ways the aliens move, which distances itself slightly from Space Invaders, which did not have this feature.

  • Game A--this is a fairly standard Space Invaders game, except that, at times, the formation of aliens would suddenly drop down two or three rows at one time, then sometimes they would go back up two or three rows.
  • Game B--this game starts off with only one vertical column of invaders; once they reached the edge of the screen, then another column of five invaders would appear. This action would repeat several times until there was an entire complement of invaders (minus any the player shot in the meantime, of course).
  • Game C--this version is just a regular Space Invaders variation.



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