South Park: The Fractured But Whole is a role-playing game based on the popular TV series South Park. It was released for the Nintendo Switch in April 2018. Like the show, the game has a lot of meta-narrative and crude commentary in its story and mechanics.


The game is played in a 2.5D perspective similar to the TV show with the player able to explore South Park with a grid based battle system with attacks able to hit rows and columns. The player and up three allies work together on one side of grid with enemies on the other. The grid can also have hazards like exploding barrels and "lava". Attacks can be boosted with well timed button presses and restore HP, There is also a status effect system with certain moves.

In this game, the player plays as the "New Kid", a fully customizable character with the choice of one of 10 hero archetypes being the Speedsters, the Brutalists, Blasters, Elementalists, Cyborgs, Psychics, Assassins, Gadgeteer, Plantmancer, and Martial Artists though only 3 classes are available from the start. Each class has proficiencies and weaknesses and an Ultimate attack that can be used by filling the bar during battle with timed button presses. Attacks can be mixed and matched with classes after being sufficently learned.

The game has DLC content that can be purchased on its own or as a season pass.




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