Sorean Antiqua (ソレアン エンシェント, Sorean Enshento, /ˈsɒriən ˈæntɪkwə/), is character from the highly acclaimed RPG, Xenoblade Chronicles. A stern but caring father, he is the benevolent Emperor of Alcamoth, and father to Kallian and Melia

Character History

As per High Entian tradition, Sorean has two wives, the First Consort Yumea, a High Entia, and a second nameless consort who is a Homs. With these two women, Sorean has his two children; Kallian from Yumea, and Melia from the second consort. He deeply cares for both his children, however he believes that the Homs blood in Melia will create a greater High Entia, and he places all his hopes on her. 

High Entia Tomb

During the beginning of the game, Sorean sends out Melia and some of the royal guards to Makna Forest, in order to stop a Telethia which was running amuck. When Melia returns to Alcamoth with Shulk, Reyn, Sharla, Dunban, and Riki, he accepts her as heir to the throne, however Yumea forces Sorean to give her one more task before becoming heir. 

Sorean asks her to journey into the High Entia Tomb, and speak with the memories of her ancestors there. However unknown to him, Yumea had sent assassins into the tomb to prevent Melia from becoming Empress. After Melia is saved by Shulk and his friends, they return to Alcamoth and have an audience with Sorean. Sorean officially recognizes Melia as heir, and has Yumea imprisoned for her treachery. Sorean also thanks Shulk, and asks him to stay by Melia's side as her friend. 

When Shulk and Melia ask for permission to travel to Prison Island, Sorean hesitates, and tells them that since it holds a prisoner of great power, no one can simply go there. 

Prison Island

Shortly after that, Imperial Seer Alvis has vision of the future. The Mechon attack the island, and Sorean is murdered at the hands of Metal Face. A stronger believer in fate, Sorean leaves for Prison Island when the Mechon attack Alcamoth, and leaves Kallian in charge of the capital. When he arrives at the island, Sorean uses his power to unleash Zanza, and fights against the Mechon. 

After an intense battle, Metal Face destroys Zanza and engages Sorean in battle. Sorean is able to briefly stun Metal Face, however the powerful Mechon regains his power and stabs Sorean through the chest with his long claws. Before he can finish off Melia and Shulk, Face Nemesis orders the Mechon to flee, and Melia swears vengance against them. Sorean then dies in Melia's arms, while confirming his love for her. 


  • Sorean is 320 years old
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