​Sophie ​is a playable character in Fire Emblem Fates on every path.


Sophie is the daughter of Silas. She has learned how to fight on horseback from Silas, and her personal horse, Avel, was chosen and named by Silas- though he often causes trouble for her.

In her Paralogue, Sophie is once again trying to practice riding Avel, but he continues to be stubborn with her, bucking her off and running away towards the portal out of her Deeprealm world. Giving chase, Sophie winds up back in the normal world and manages to regain control of Avel. Just as she was about to return back to her Deeprealm, she catches local bandits harassing a village boy. Wanting to help the boy out, as well as hopefully impressing her father, Sophie leaps into action, but Avel proves to be troublesome once more. As luck would have it, Silas and the army he was traveling with happened to be in the area to stop that same bandit gang. After meeting her father on the battlefield, Sophie plays off that her presence is merely because she heard the shouts of help through the portal to her Deeprealm. At the end of the battle, Sophie was surprised that Avel followed her directions in battle, which Silas attributed to her more confident attitude. Silas reveals that he chose Avel for her horse because of his more demanding attitude, hoping that he would teach her to become a confident leader in the future. Proud to see how much his daughter has grown, Silas invites Sophie to come live with the army, an offer she gladly accepts.

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