Sonic the Hedgehog: Genesis is a remake of the Sega Genesis version of Sonic the Hedgehog released to the Game Boy Advance. Despite being created in Japan, the game was released exclusively in America as part of the game's fifteenth anniversary.

The game had included just enough additions to be considered a remake. For one there was an added Anniversary Mode that included the spin dash (which wasn't present in the original, but was in the games' sequels). The game was slightly more zoomed in, though some critics argued that it was still hard to see where Sonic was going.


  • An added spin dash in the Anniversary Mode gives Sonic a new attack to use that wasn't present in the original, though was in the Genesis title's subsequent sequels.
  • A save system allows players to return to the level they were playing before they turned the Game Boy Advance off.
  • The game is slightly more zoomed in to accommodate the portability of the game.
  • The music has been remade for the game.


The overall, mutual thought of the game was that it wasn't ready for release. The average score on Metacritic is a disappointing 33/100, and at GameRankings it's slightly worse at 32.5%/100%. The only review that gave the game over a 5/10 was Nintendo Power, who rewarded it with a 6/10, though nevertheless complained that there was little to convince players to purchase the title considering that the game was already included in a fantastic GameCube compilation.

GameSpot, who concluded their review with a 2.5/10, said that "jumpy graphics transform this classic sidescroller into a crushing disappointment", while AceGamez explained their dislike for the game saying how they are "blown away by how terrible this port turned out to be". The high points and the low points that most critics agree on are listed below:

+The game is a remake of a classic title.
+The inclusion of the spin dash is a welcome addition.
+It's nice to finally be able to save.
-The game is glitchy and is a very poor remake.
-The lack of many additions is disappointing.
-The remade music doesn't please the ears as the original does.
-The sounds are off-pitch.
-Most critics agree that the game is completely broken.

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