Sonic Rush is a game for the Nintendo DS as a part of the Sonic the Hedgehog series. The game follows the stories of Sonic and Blaze. This is the first game that allows you to boost in 2D, comparable to 3D entries released around the same date. 


The game plays similar to traditional 2D Sonic platforming games, sometimes incorporating 3D elements. The boss battles are entirely 3D. Both Sonic the Hedgehog and Blaze the Cat can boost, granting the player a temporary speed boost and limited invincibility. Said boost meter increases by destroying enemies, breaking item boxes, and doing tricks. While Sonic and Blaze play very similar to each other, Sonic is able to employ a dash, and Blaze is able to use a short hover ability.


Blaze the Cat get transported to sonic's world. In blaze's world there are the seven sol emeralds. Doctor Eggman takes the sol emeralds. And blaze sets out to get them back. Sonic and Blaze meet each other and soon the rest of Sonic's friends. Sonic's world and blaze's worlds are merging. Sonic and blaze set out to get the sol emeralds and the chaos emeralds back. When Eggman and Eggman Nega are beaten the worlds return to normal.


  1. Leaf Storm - this is first stage. It is in an open jungle with many trees.
  2. Water Palace - this is second stage. It takes place in palace with water beneath it.
  3. Mirage Road - this is third stage. It takes place in a desert building.
  4. Night Carnival - this is fourth stage. It takes place in a city with many circuses there.
  5. Huge Crisis - this is fifth stage. It takes place in a big oil ship.
  6. Altitude Limit - this is sixth stage. It takes place in air and cloud.
  7. Dead Line - this is seventh stage. It is similar to Altitude Limit but high in the space.
  8. Unknown - this is eighth stage. Sonic & Blaze need to defeat Egg King.
  9. Exception - this is ninth & final stage. Sonic & Blaze needs to defeat Egg Salamander.




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