Sonic Chaos is 1993 video game released on the Game Gear & Master System. It was also released in 2009 as Virtual Console.


Doctor Eggman (aka Doctor Robcknik) has taking the red chaos emerald casing the others to lose there power. And now south island is sinking into the ocean.


Sonic now for the first time on a game gear gear game has a spin dash. Sonic now has a new ability boost shoes which allow you to go into the sky for a short amount of time. Sonic also has the sonic peel out. Chaos emeralds are hidden throughout the stages. Tails can fly in sonic chaos. But has a very limited range.


  • Turquoise hill zone
  • Gigalpolis zone
  • Sleeping egg zone
  • Mecha green hill zone
  • Aqra planet zone
  • Electric zone 


  • This was the only Sonic game gear game to have the peel out.
  • The first Sonic game gear game to have tails.
  • This game can be featured in Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut.
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