Sonic Battle (JP) is a fighting game spin-off in the Sonic the Hedgehog series for the Game Boy Advance developed by Sonic Team, released in 2003/04. 


Sonic Battle plays like a 2D fighter in a 3D arena similar to beat'em ups. There are no complicated combos or difficult button inputs to attack. When a character spawns in, they get to choose their special attacks in the form of Shot, Power, and Trap. Players also choose which type of attack it's applied to, giving the move different effects.There is a special move mechanic called the Ichikoro Gauge. This when filled up turns the next special attack into a 1-hit KO unless blocked.

There are 3 types of modes for battles; Point, Survival and Time. Point is the first player to get X amount of KOs. Survival is the last character standing. Time is achieving a certain objective before time runs out.

The story mode has an overworld that each of the characters can travel through though the only time the player has access to the whole map is as Emerl. In each area, the player can fight other characters or  E-121 Phis to train or continue the plot.



  • Emerald Beach
  • Tails' Lab
  • Chao Ruins
  • Battle Highway
  • Club Rouge
  • Amy's Room
  • Library
  • Metal Depot
  • Holy Summit
  • Colosseum
  • Green Hill (Unlockable)
  • Death Egg (Story mode only)
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