Sonic Advance 3 is a GBA video game released in 2004. It is the final game of Sonic Advance series. 



Similar to Sonic Advance and Sonic Advance 2, Advance 3 is a platform action game. The player controls one of the five characters, and one of them is flanked by him as a support. Alternatively, a second player can join each other so that everyone controls a character. The two characters run and jump through the seven levels of the game, destroying the robots they meet. The player gathers the rings scattered around the level and the boss battle, using them, as in other titles in the series, as a form of health: if you are hit by an enemy or a malicious obstacle, rings are lost and scattered around Screen, allowing you to retrieve a part. If you are hit without ring or falls into the bottomless pit, you lose a lifetime. Ending the available lives leads to the game over.

The levels include, among other things, loops, springs and rails on which to slide. Each level is divided into three acts, concluded by the boss fight with Dr. Eggman. All levels, and the two mini-games that allow you to get bonus lives, are linked by an explorable hub. Scattered for each act, players can find chao, and finding 10 for each level, it is possible to access a special level where there is an emerald of Chaos. By collecting all the seven emeralds, and then completing the main campaign, one can access another boss battle that leads to the actual term of the game.

The player can play with any combination of two characters between Sonic, Tails, Amy, Knuckles and Cream, as long as they have previously been unlocked: only Sonic and Tails are available at the start of the game, while the other three must be saved During the adventure. Each character has unique abilities: Sonic can make his spin attack mid-air, Tails can fly using his two tails, Amy can destroy enemies with his hammer, Knuckles can plan for long distances and climb on the walls, and Cream can Fly with his ears and attack the enemies thanks to his friend Cheese. With the R button, the secondary character can provide additional abilities to the main character. For example, holding R with Tails as a shoulder and releasing it, the two characters are fired in the air. In addition, the second character will collect the rings and destroy the enemies missed by the player.

In addition to the main mode there are two battle modes that can accommodate two to four players and in which any character can be chosen. They are called Racing and Chao collecting.

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