SoniPro is a idol management game where the player manages the career of Super Sonico.


There are 3 main types of gameplay in this game.

The main one is the producing where the player controls Sonico's career. The decisions he makes contributes to a meter which determines whether she is a cheery girl and performs J-Pop or is rebellious and performs more Rock.

The second main type is the songs where the player uses the face buttons to play a typical rhythm game. The songs unlock as the player progresses in the game with a wide variety of Sonico's songs.

The third main type is the gravure photoshoot where the player takes pictures of Sonico in various poses.

The player also chooses Sonico's clothes in the later two types.


It was received averagely in Japan. Famitsu gave it 30 (7/8/8/7) out of 40.

In its launch week, it sold 6086 units.

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