Solon, the self-titled "savior of all," is a character from Fire Emblem: Three Houses. He is a member of Those Who Slither in the Dark with the look of a mage. Suitable for his appearance, he uses cunning schemes and tricks. He is a highly dangerous individual and considers himself a savior.


Solon had infiltrated the Garreg Mach Monastery under the guise of Tomas, pretending to be a faithful follower of the Church of Seiros. Tomas was the Monastery's librarian for over 40 years. Sometime after he had retired from his job, Solon killed him and assumed his identity to infiltrate the Monastery. Using his position, he was able to learn much from the books stored in the library and has intimate knowledge of the Monastery's affairs. His identity is revealed after controlling the denizens of Remire Village. Later on, he kills Kronya, using her as part of a spell that banishes Byleth into the dark world. After Byleth breaks free, he battles against the party one last time before his death.

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