Solo/Sofia is the protagonist in Dragon Quest IV who is prophesied to defeat Psaro and save the world from the rising tide of Demons. As the only people able to wear the Zenithia Equipment, they are the only person in the world capable of doing this. To stop this from happening, Psaro and his minions attempt to eliminate the Hero before they can take up arms..

Uncommon in the Dragon Quest series, IV allows the player to choose their character's gender as well as their name (similar to III and IX). The Hero's name is up to the player, a Dragon Quest staple, but the default names are Solo for the male and Sofia for the female.



Solo wears a green tunic with a white shirt and white pants, adorned with a belt with a blue gem. His Zenithian Helm is decorated with a blue gem in the center and two wings which appear to be dragon like in design. He carries the scabbard of the Zenithian Sword on his waist behind his back and his shield strapped on his right shoulder. He has both his ears pierced with Slime Earrings on both of them. He has long flowing green hair that reaches his mid back. He has a medium build, being tall but not too muscular.

Sofia wears what appears to be a leotard, which covers both her left arm and leg. She wears blue leg warmers covered by her boots. Like Solo, she has long green hair, but hers is curly and appears to cover the wings on her Zenithian Helm (if it does have any at all.) She also has her ears pierced with Slime Earings and has bracelets on both her wrists. She carries the Zenithian Sword's scabbard on her right shoulder and weilds her shield on her left arm.

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