Soldam: Drop, Connect, Erase is a sequel to the puzzle game, Soldam. It was developed by City Connection for the Nintendo Switch.


Soldam is a puzzle game similar to Tetris with mechanics like Othello. The pieces called fruit come down in groups of 4 with 5 lanes. Aligning an entire row in the same color will erase the row and earn the player points. Players can change the fruit colors if the surround the ends with the same color. This work not only vertically and horizontally but, diagonally as well. However, , fruit cannot flank fruit on the same piece. Erased lines will fall to the bottom as Clear Soldam and can be used for flanking the bottom lines normally unreachable. When fruit hit the danger zone at the top of the tree, the game is over. In standard rules, the fruit fall, going faster at higher levels as well as more colors. The B/L/ZL rotate Soldam fruit counterclockwise while The A/R/ZR rotates the fruit clockwise. The Left Stick or the directional buttons move the fruit left or right or drop it

The game features 4 modes, Soldam which plays with the standard rules of the game, Easy Mode which simplifies the rules, Challenge which players complete specific puzzles, and VS for two-player multiplayer matches. There is also a Plumidex that records the different creatures that change with more lines erased.



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