The Lylat system's sun, Solar.

Solar is a planet in the Lylat system.


Solar is a lava planet whose temperature measures to 3,500 Kelvin. It is positioned in between the system's three sectors, Sector X, Sector Y, and Sector Z. Its life forms are suited for the lava.


Solar made its debut in Star Fox 64, where it hosts the seventh stage, Out of the Frying Pan in the game. Fox McCloud and his team hit the surface, but their ships begin to rot due to the extreme temperature pounding against their hull. At the stage's end was Vulcain, rising from the lava. Her fiery powers were no match for the Star Fox Team, and she was defeated and collapsed in the lava she called home.

While the planet itself was not featured in Star Fox Assault, Solar's theme was remixed for the third mission, Hostilities Revisited, which takes place in the Sargasso Space Zone.

Solar later appears in Star Fox Command, where it is revealed to have solid ground on its surface. The planet's ability to rot ships with heat has been removed, possibly because the ships have improved their structure.

Solar later appears in Star Fox 64 3D, with the same role it had in Star Fox 64. Once again, the planet's heat can cause ships to rot. Vulcain later comes up for a rematch, but, just like in Star Fox 64, Fox defeats her solidly.

Known Inhabitants


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