Sodom is a character who debuted as a boss in the beat-em-up game Final Fight, before appearing as a playable fighter in the Street Fighter series starting with Street Fighter Alpha. He is an American Japanophile who was once a member and ringleader of the Mad Gear Gang.


Sodom is an American person who is obsessed with Japanese culture and philosophies and thus considers himself a native from that country. Sodom is well-versed in many elements of Japan's culture; however, a source of humor is that his usage of the Japanese language is questionable, as shown with the kanji on his costume and several of his win quotes.

In the Japanese version of the Street Fighter Alpha games, much of Sodom's dialogue is rendered entirely in katakana, a Japanese script used largely for transcribing words from English or other foreign languages into Japanese, which gives his dialogue a more stilted, awkward feeling to read. Sodom intersperses various English words throughout his sentences, thus coming across as unskilled in speaking the Japanese language. Many of Sodom's victory quotes are written in seemingly nonsensical English sentences, which are actually various English words put together to resemble Japanese sentences, again giving off the impression that Sodom's pronunciation and grasp on the language are questionable. One of Sodom's victory quotes in the Japanese version is "DIE JOB DEATH CAR?", which is intended to be an approximation of the Japanese phrase "daijōbu desu ka?" (大丈夫ですか?), which means "Are you alright?".