The Snow Kingdom (JP) is a kingdom featured in Super Mario Odyssey, and is the greater location of Shiveria (JP). The region is described as a freezing snow-filled area. This Regional currency is purple snowflakes.

Official Descriptions


Power Moons

Note: 8 Power Moons are needed to power up the Odyssey.

  • The Icicle Barrier:
  • The Ice Wall Barrier:
  • The Gusty Barrier:
  • The Snow Mountain Barrier:
  • The Bound Bowl Grand Prix: (Multi Moon)
  • Shining in the Snow in Town:
  • Treasure in the Ice Wall:



Names in Other Languages

Snow Kingdom

Languages Names Meaning
Spanish (NOE) Reino del Hielo Ice Kingdom
Dutch Sneeuwrijk Snowy Kingdom
German Polarland Polar Country


Languages/Regions: Names: Meaning:
Spanish (NOE) Friolandia Coldland
Dutch Bibberië From bibberen (to shiver) and Siberië (Siberia)
German Schlotterkomben Shivercombs (Pun on schlottern (shiver) and Katakomben (Catacombs)
Italian Ibernia From ibernare (to hibernate)
Russian г. Озябск

(g. Oz'absk)

City named after Озябнуть (To shiver)
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