Snow Bulborbs are enemies found in Pikmin 2. They are another subspecies of Dwarf Bulborb, these ones resembling Hairy Bulborbs without any fur. Like other Dwarf Bulborbs, it is in the Breadbug Family, and is a master of mimicry, taking on the appearance of a dangerous animal to avoid predation. This subspecies has the lowest health of all, and is very easy to kill, even when in large groups. They are usually found in cold, icy areas that most other predators don't find habitable. They are found in icy caves as well, and are actually the first subterranean species discovered, being in Emergence Cave. They are such good mimics that they can commingle with real Hairy Bulborbs, giving them even greater protection. This species cannot grow the hair the gives Hairy Bulborbs their name, though, making the mimicry unperfect.


Olimar's Notes

"Like the dwarf red bulborb, the snow bulborb is a member of the breadbug amily that seeks to survive through imitating the appearance and behavior of a bulborb. Its pale coloration and blue spots make for easy identification. In particular, this organism mimics the hairy bulborb, but it is of course unable to grow the hair that gives the hairy bulborb its name. However, as the hairy bulborb has been known to lose its hair in certain circumstances, the snow bulborb is an effective mimic that is often mistaken for a member of the same species."

Louie's Notes

"Best grilled and served hot over a bed of fresh spinach and crumbled blue cheese."

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