Snoopy Tennis is a Game & Watch video game released in 1982 by Nintendo. The game was very successful, perhaps due to the Snoopy label, with Nintendo producing an estimated 1,200,000 worldwide. In the game, you control Snoopy, moving him up and down to make him hit the oncoming tennis balls with your racket. It was released on the Wide Screen format. A version of the game was released as a keychain title under the mini-classics label. The control button leaflet, which was only present in this game's box and Fire Attack's, showcases various characters from the Peanuts franchise. Unsurprisingly, due to licensing issues, the game was not released in any of the Game & Watch video games, though it was mentioned in Super Smash Bros. Brawl for the Wii.

Edition Differences

There were minor differences that were made on the box art of the different editions, though the contents found within the game remained unchanged.

  • 1st edition: Serial number and number "#6000" on the side of the box. Has "(c) Nintendo Co., Ltd" on the back.
  • 2nd edition: "Ltd" is removed and the words on the back read "(c) Nintendo". A trademark is placed next to the word Game & Watch.