Snipperclips - Cut it out, together! (JP) is a puzzle game for the Nintendo Switch, and is mainly developed by SFB Games with assistance from Nintendo Software Technology and published by Nintendo for release on the Nintendo Switch eShop on March 3, 2017.

The game makes use of a snipping mechanic to allow players to cooperate and solve shape-based puzzles. Certain regions had Joy-Con bundles with this game The game received an expansion on November 2017 called Snipperclips Plus.



There are 3 worlds with 15 levels per world.

Noisy Notebook

Retro Reboot

Silly Science


Snipperclips Plus

Snipperclips Plus is an expanded version of the game released as both a standalone title and DLC on November 10, 2017. The expansion includes new worlds including ones based on Comic Books called Cosmic Comics and a Toy Box called Toybox tools. Also there is a new mode where the players start in random predetermined shapes as well as an all-new mode called Stamp mode where the player can create art on a canvas.



Snipperclips - Cut it out, together! receives "generally favorable reviews" from Metacritic and holds a metascore of 80/100. While its expansion Snipperclips Plus receives a metascore of 84/100 based on 13 critic reviews.

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