The following are quotes and bits of dialogue regarding Smithy from Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. Note that dialogue includes conversations that Smithy is part of, but also includes various other characters.

Before first battle


Mallow: "Hey! There's the last Star Piece!"

Smithy: "Huh...? Already finished your tour of the factory, huh?! All right, then! How about a little demonstration?

Geno: "Yo Smithy! Stop making those things and hand over the Star Piece, NOW!"

Mario does two short jumps.

Smithy: "Huh?...Gufaw haw haw! So YOU'RE...Mario?! Looks like we're gonna have a little dispute over the star."

Bowser: "Just hand it over and GET OUTTA MY CASTLE!"

Smithy: "My, my! We're a little touchy today, aren't we? You know, I'm actually growing rather FOND of this place...

Toadstool: "Please! Don't make us go through any more! Just give us the star....NOW!"

Smithy: "Hurrumph! Better yet... Why don't YOU give me YOUR stars. Why, then I could easily conquer this world! Then we could get rid of all wishes, and create a world filled with...WEAPONS!! Over here, NOW! I'll crush you ALL!!!"

Before second battle


Smithy: "NOOOOOOOOOOOO...!!!"

Aero: "Calm down, Smithy! Your head looks like a geyser!!"

Drill Bit: "Don't get so worked up! Think of your blood pressure!"

Shyster: "We just built this yesterday, and the foundation's very weak. So...STOP SHAKING THE FLOOR!"

Smithy: How utterly annoying!

Smithy disregards the valuable advice his comrades give him and continues shaking the floor, thus resulting in it to collapse.

Smithy: " NOOOOOOOOOOOO...!!! Uwoooooooo... I'm burning...seething... Never have I been so wronged... It is time... I will show you my real form... I will show you my true power... I will teach you respect... And I shall have my revenge... NOOOOOOOOOOOO...!!! Guooooooo!!!!! Come on, you puny ants!

After the battle

  • "Guooooooo!!!!! My b...body and head are burning! It's not...possible...! I don't believe it...! I'm...finished...done for...! Guooooooooo...noooooo...!"
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