Smash Tour

The Normal Map

Smash Tour (JP) is a game mode exclusive to Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and is a counterpart to Smash Run. It is a board game where the goal is to collect fighters and stats to compete in a final battle.


The game has a few options. The players can choose a turn amount ranging from 15 to 25 and 3 choices of map sizes; Small, Normal and Big. Then, up to 4 players can choose a Mii and join in. The other players will be replaced by CPUs.

The game starts with each player getting 2 fighters and then rolling a number from 1-6 at the same time. The spinner is not randomized. Every turn after that has new items placed on the board (stat boosts, fighters or tour items) and then giving each player a tour item. Then, each player gets the chance to use a blue tour item. Then, the players spin again.

During any turn, if the player collides with another (or lands on a battle space in the Big Map), a battle will initiate. The matches last 60 seconds (excluding stadium events) on a stage that is picked randomly with one of the type of battles shown below. The fighter is randomly chosen from the pool of fighters they've collected and then they can choose a red tour item. Players KO'd lose that fighter and the winning player gets the loser's fighter.

List of Events

Final Battle

Types of Battles

These can be also modified with Team which puts players on teams

  • 300% Smash - A match where everyone starts the match with 300% damage, similar to Sudden Death.
  • Battering Smash - A match where only battering items appear.
  • Boss Galaga Smash - A match where only Boss Galaga appear.
  • Explosive Smash - A match where only explosive items appear.
  • Flower Smash - A match which all players are afflicted with the flower status.
  • Glorious Smash - A match on the Omega form of the stage.
  • High-Launch Smash
  • Home-Run Contest
  • Mega Smash
  • Mr. Saturn Smash
  • Pokemon Smash
  • Shooter Smash
  • Target Smash
  • Target Blast
  • Transformation Smash
  • Warp Star Smash
  • Boss Battle - A match with Yellow Devil, Ridley or Metal Face. The victor is whoever lands the final blow or is the last one standing. If the boss isn't killed or everyone else isn't eliminated, then the battle is a draw

List of Tour items

Name Color Function
Porky Green Steals the Tour Item of someone else of your choosing
Proto Man Green Reflects the effect of one Tour item
Substitute Doll Green Make one Tour Item hit someone else
Ashley Blue Slows down Spinner
Chain Chomp Blue Scatters nearby opponents
POW Block Blue Make everyone else drop some fighters
Star Blue makes you invincible and twice as fast
Ghosts Blue Let's you walk past stationary rivals
Zinger Blue Sets a trap to launch opponent
Tingle Blue Shuffle everyone's fighters
Tetra Blue Sets trap to steal a fighter
Great Fox Blue Warps you to a Checkpoint you haven't been to
Snorlax Blue Makes you impossible to launch
Wollywog Blue Nullifies traps stepped on
Timmy and Tommy Blue Transform nearby item to nearby items
Bus To The City Blue Call Everyone to Your Space
Isabelle Blue Changes nearby stat boosts to their maximum size
Doc Louis Blue Increases the effect of stat boosts you pick up
Riki Blue Draws in nearby items as you move
Excitebike Blue Doubles Result of Spin
Dillon Blue Launches Rivals you encounter
Back Shield Red You start the match with a Back Shield
Black Knight Red Occasionally turns smash attacks into one-hit KOs
Bob-Omb Red You start the match with a Bob-Omb
Boo Red Makes you invisible at the start of the battle
Boss Galaga Blue Switches the other players around
Bunny Hood Red You start the battle wearing a Bunny Hood
Daisy (Baseball) Red Lets you automatically grab items
Darkrai Red Puts an opponent to sleep
Dixie Kong Red Lets You Perform an extra midair jump
DK Barrel Red Let's You Team up with one of your other fighters
Energy Tank Red Heals you once your damage exceeds 100%
Franklin Badge Red You start the battle wearing a Franklin Badge
Hammer Red You start the match with a Hammer
Home-Run Bat Red You start the match with a Home-Run Bat
Kat & Ana Red Automatically breaks your impact on ceilings and walls
Latios & Latias Red Lets You Team up with an opponent
Magnus Red After a battle, all rivals KO'd get launched
Majora's Mask Red Inflicts 50% but doubles your stats
Mecha Fiora Red Boost attack power with more damage
Metal Box Red You'll start the battle in metal form
Mr. Resetti Red Resets an opponent's stats to 0 for a match
Mr. Saturn Red Makes it easier to break shields with your attacks
Ore Club Red You start the match with an Ore Club
Phosphora Red Lets you land instantly by tapping down
Plasma Wraith Red Heals when Blocks with shield
Poison Mushroom Red Shrinks opponent
Rocket Belt Red You'll start the battle wearing a Rocket belt
Sidestepper Red Speeds up your sideways dodge
Steel Diver Red You start the match with a Steel Diver
Super Mushroom Red You'll start the match big
Super Scope Red You start the match with a Super Scope
Ultimate Chimera Red Take two fighters from the last opponent you KO
X-Bomb Red You start the match with a X-Bomb
Wolfen Red Inflicts 100% damage on an opponent
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