Smash Run (JP) is an mode for Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS. It shares many similarities with City Trial in Kirby Air Ride. The four players scour a dungeon looking for power-ups for a competition at the end. Players can also earn Smash Run Powers, Customized Moves, Equipment, Mii Costumes and Trophies as random drops during a Smash Run


There are six kind of stats that the player can improve from collecting power-ups that help in various ways. They have a maximum of 1000. They are:

  • Speed- Boosts how fast the character moves
  • Jump- Boosts how high can the character jump. Seems to increase falling speed
  • Attack- Boosts the power of normal attacks
  • Special- Boosts the power of special attacks
  • Arms- Boosts the power of grabs and projectiles and item attacks
  • Defense-Boosts launch resistance


Players choose these powers prior to starting a match. They act similar to the powers from Kid Icarus: Uprising. Some powers include:

Power Color Weight Uses
Power Bomb Red 12 5
Spinning Blades Red 12 3
Horizon Beam Red 4
Dual Cyclones Red
Homing Missile Red 12
Shocking Taunt Red 4
Health Recovery Light Blue
Auto-Recovery Light Blue 3 2
Brief Invincibility Blue
Super Armor Blue 3
Payback Yellow
Rocket Belt Gray 5
Ray Gun Gray 4
Beam Sword Gray 4
Back Shield Gray 1 1
Bullet Guidance Yellow 4
Heavenly Light Red 4
Launch Ring Red 7
Reflector Blue
Warp Green 3
Strong Throw Orange 4
Strong Kick Orange 2 2

Challenge Rooms

Challenge rooms are rooms within the Smash Run challenge where the player has to complete a challenge within the time limit to get power-ups.

Here are a few examples of them:

  • Smash the Crystal
  • Free Power-ups
  • Survive
  • Break the targets
  • Defeat the enemies

Types of Matches

After the 5 minutes in the map, the players are taken to a competition where they use those stats they collected. These are the type of matches known so far,

  • Normal Smash
  • Mushroom Smash
  • Bunny Smash
  • Reflect Smash
  • Easy Launch Smash
  • Flower Smash
  • Sudden Death Smash
  • Team Smash
  • Item Smash (The only items spawned is the one in the title)
  • Defeat all the Enemies
    • Kid icarus
    • Kirby
    • Smash Bros.
  • Climb 
  • Race

List of enemies found in Smash Run

There are numerous enemies in the map and not all of them appear in a single run. Here are ones known so far and their respective games.

Enemy Series
Kremling Donkey Kong
Tiki Buzz Donkey Kong
Polar Bear Ice Climbers
Yellow Ghost Find Mii (3DS)
Starman EarthBound
Devil Car EarthBound
Cucco The Legend of Zelda
Darknut The Legend of Zelda
Peahat The Legend of Zelda
Octorock The Legend of Zelda
ReDead The Legend of Zelda
Stalfos The Legend of Zelda
Bubble The Legend of Zelda
Bronto Burt Kirby
Gordo Kirby
Waddle Dee Kirby
Waddle Doo Kirby
Parasol Waddle Dee Kirby
Plasma Wisp Kirby
Shotzo Kirby
Tac Kirby
Bonkers Kirby
Bumpety Bomb Kid Icarus
Boom Stomper Kid Icarus
Clubberskull Kid Icarus
Mimicutie Kid Icarus
Monoeye Kid Icarus
Reaper Kid Icarus
Skuttler Kid Icarus
Skuttler Cannoneer Kid Icarus
Skuttler Mage Kid Icarus
Daphne Kid Icarus
Flage Kid Icarus
Lethinium Kid Icarus
Lurchthorn Kid Icarus
Mahva Kid Icarus
Megonta Kid Icarus
Nutski Kid Icarus
Orne Kid Icarus
Souflee Kid Icarus
Zuree Kid Icarus
Goomba Mario
Giant Goomba Mario
Koopa Troopa Mario
Koopa Paratroopa Mario
Bullet Bill Mario
Bill Blaster Mario
Banzai Bill Mario
Lakitu Mario
Spike Top Mario
Hammer Bro Mario
Magikoopa Mario
Fire Chomp Mario
Shy Guy Mario
Chain Chomp Mario
Mettaur Mega Man
Bulborb Pikmin
Iridescent Glint Beetle Pikmin
Pooka Dig Dug
Geemer Metroid
Kihunter Metroid
Metroid Metroid
Reo Metroid
Sneaky Spirit Rhythm Heaven
Chandelure Pokémon
Gastly Pokémon
Koffing Pokémon
Petilil Pokemon
Cryogonal Pokémon
Eggrobo Sonic the Hedgehog
Bacura Xevious
Glice Super Smash Bros.
Glunder Super Smash Bros.
Glire Super Smash Bros.
Roturret Super Smash Bros.
Mite Super Smash Bros.
Poppant Super Smash Bros.
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