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The Sling Pod Galaxy is one of the 7 galaxies in Super Mario Galaxy that are unlocked by feeding Star Bits to a Hungry Luma. This one is found outside the Fountain requiring 400 Star Bits and requires beating the 3rd star in the Space Junk Galaxy to unlock. The galaxy is a gauntlet of challenges revolving around using the Sling Pods.


The galaxy is divided into 3 main areas.

The first area has a series of sling pods Mario must get to with cannons firing cannonballs in between them. Most of the cannons have Star Bits around the sides except for their opening

The second area is full of mines requiring use of the Pull Stars to navigate the area.

The third and final area now has spinning Firebars players must avoid while using the Sling Pods to get to the Power Star. Towards the start of this area is an arrow of Star Bits that is unlimited.


  • A Very Sticky Situation


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