Slimes are the most popular species of the Dragon Quest series, and unarguably the mascot of the entire franchise. There are a variety of species of Slime, though the most popular are the blue-colored slime, though there are hundreds of different types. Slime, while commonly enemies, have also appeared as heroes, evident in games such as Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime, which stars the blue Slime Rocket as the protagonist. When Enix (creator of the series) merged with Square, the Slime was generally thought of as Enix's mascot, whereas Square had Final Fantasy's Chocobo. Slime appeared in Mario Sports Mix, to earn him win 28 games in a sport. When you earn him in one sport, you have to earn him in the other sports too.


As aforementioned, there are different variations of Slimes to be found in the series, though the basic slime resembles a drop of water with two large eyes and a very happy smile. The point on the top of the slime is a defining characteristic of the slime, though some types don't in fact have one. The "blue slime" (often just called slime) has appeared in almost every Dragon Quest game.


Involvement in the series

The Slime is the mascot of the series, and possible of Enix itself before the merger with Square. This can be traced back to the fact that Slimes are commonly the first enemy you encounter in the titles. It can also be said that they are so popular because of how cute they are. Other than the popular blue type, the red types are also prevalent throughout the series, and tend to be enemies that grinders tend to look for because of the high amount of experience they'll give you after being defeated.


  • Alan Averill of Nintendo Power was too c
    amera shy to be shown in the magazine, and thus they replaced him with a plush blue Slime toy.


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