Slim is the fourth of the many Pixls that Mario, Peach, Bowser, and Luigi discover in Super Paper Mario. He joins the party at Merlee's Mansion. He can be found by flipping in the left of the second floor in the Rubee area. His special ability is to allow the heroes to become very thin (in a manner very similar to the Paper Mode curse of the previous game), letting them have access to previously inaccessible areas. Also, if the player stands still using his ability, the player will become invisible and untouchable by enemies, similar to Lady Bow's Outta Sight and Vivian's Veil moves from the earlier Paper Mario games; this ability makes Slim quite useful in boss battles. It is impossible to use his ability while the player is changing dimensions, but Mario can use it while he is in 3-D. In the English version of the game, like Buzzar and Grubba, Slim has an American Southerner accent.

Catch Card

  • Card Type: Rare
  • Slim's Card Description: This sidestepping Pixl can turn you sideways in a snap. Slim likes close calls and hair-raising experiences.
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