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Sleepy Sheep is an item that is found in the Paper Mario series. When used, many sheep run across the screen, causing most enemies to fall into a slumber, in which they cannot perform any moves until they awaken. Some enemies have a higher resistance to sleep than others - so it is never guaranteed that this item will affect all enemies in a battle. Bosses have a very high resistance to sleep and many other status conditions.

In Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, if Zess T. mixes a Point Swap and a Tasty Tonic, a Sleepy Sheep is produced. Also, if a Sleepy Sheep is mixed with a Point Swap, a Tasty Tonic is produced. Mousimilian's trouble reveals that one can buy Sleepy Sheeps at Rogueport and sell them at Petalburg to earn two coins per Sleepy Sheep.

In Super Paper Mario, Sleepy Sheeps can be bought from shopkeepers, and sometimes dropped by enemies. If given to Saffron, she will cook up a Mistake (second type).

In Paper Mario: Sticker Star, there is a hammer sticker called the Baahammer. It's a purple hammer with a Sleepy Sheep symbol on the top. Any undefeated enemies after using the sticker in battle will end up falling asleep, making them lose a turn.


Recipes Result of Cooked Items
Red Berry + Strange Leaf Sleepy Sheep
Blue Berry + Strange Leaf
Yellow Berry + Strange Leaf
Point Swap + Tasty Tonic
Point Swap + Sleepy Sheep Tasty Tonic
Sleepy Sheep Mistake

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