Sleep Kirby

Sleep is a copy ability in the Kirby series. Its the result of inhaling the enemy Noddy. As Sleep Kirby, Kirby falls asleep and cannot move until wakes up. It is useless in every game it appears in, with the exception of Kirby Squeak Squad and Kirby Battle Royale.


Sleep usually is a negative ability. While Kirby is asleep, he is unable to move and is open to attack. In Kirby Air Ride, Kirby will continue to travel on forward momentum when obtaining Sleep and the Kirby stays asleep until they wiggle the Analog Stick enough

In Squeak Squad, after Kirby finds the copy scroll for Sleep, he can can restore health slowly when he uses sleep. Kirby also appears to be wearing a sleeping cap.

In Battle Royale, it was the second ability added post-release. As Sleep Kirby, Kirby can recover health when not moving, put other fighters to sleep, fire a bubble and whack opponents with a pillow.


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